Protect Your Property and Your Investment

Protect Your Property and Your Investment

Ask us about oilfield maintenance in Lignite, ND

As an oilfield owner, you're responsible for maintaining your equipment. Trust Fast Energy Services LLC to maintain your machinery as needed. We can handle pipeline construction and rehabilatiaon in the Lignite, North Dakota area. Our team will keep your equipment in top condition so you won't experience any issues on the job.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our pipeline repair services in Lignite, North Dakota.

Don't jeopardize your equipment or put your workers at risk

Fast Energy Services will make sure your oilfield is a safe place to work at all times. Our oilfield maintenance service in Lignite, North Dakota includes:

  • Oilfield construction
  • Pumping unit installation and service
  • Pump unit balancing
  • Welding fabrication services, pipe and stucture wall
  • Cattle guard cleaning

If you need to have cattle guards installed, call us. We can do that, too.

We've been maintaining oilfields in the Bakken Formation area for years. Rest assured we'll service your equipment as often as needed so you can keep production levels high.

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